Monday, March 7, 2011

I Want To Kill You First Then Take Your Name

I have had a lot of free time lately.

So much free time.

Unwanted really.

I have watched movies.  Read books.  Cleaned.  I have made a few things.

I have even went "jogging"  (I can very loosely use this word to describe what I do).

It's nice.  Quiet.



One movie I watched a few days ago was "The Romantics", it was an alright movie.  There was a song by Lorene Scafario called We Can't Be Friends in the movie and I can't stop listening to it. I immediately looked it up when I was at a cafe with the internet (it sounds like me and the internet are friends and just hanging out and having a few laughs).

All in all.  Having free time is a curse and a blessing.

Give me some work to do already.

This song doesn't really 'fit' where I am right now.

But Hell, when I sing it you wouldn't know

I wanna pick you up, I don't care what time
I wanna drive real fast to some place in town;
I wanna stress you out;
I wanna make things hard;
I wanna take your hand;
I wanna leave this bar;
I wanna wake you up on a driving train
that led it's tracks down inside my brain

I wanna hear your band;
I wanna give it advice;
I wanna meet your girlfriend, she sounds nice;
I wanna take you home;
I wanna feel my age;
I wanna freak you out on a different stage;
I wanna show my teeth;
I wanna keep you fed;
I wanna get you drunk and let it go to your head

so i guess this means we can't be friends

I wanna be unique;
I wanna be your kind;
I wanna make you hate me then change your mind;
I wanna wear a skirt;
I wanna make mistakes;
I wanna kill you first then take your name;
I wanna tear you apart;
I wanna make your bed;
I wanna break your heart;
I wanna break your head

so i guess this means we can't be friends 


  1. Now I have this song on repeat. Adore! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Oh man, when I was unemployed I was ssooo bored all the time. There are only so many movies you can watch before you get tired of them and would rather stare at the wall. Here's hoping you find something to fill your time soon!