Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Friend Didn't Stay Too Long

Check out these gems of a find

These are some chandeliers that Brad salvaged from a recent job.

They were perfect.

Right above where a table will be (when we can afford one)

It was going to be the romantic corner.

One broke last night.  
Just broke.



  1. They are lovely! Just pretend the broken one broke in some fabulously lovely/historic way and it will add a little more romance. ;)

  2.!? fang it. well, I am sure you can still make it look good! sorry, my jealousy probably broke it. ;-(

  3. One just cracked and fell apart. It was disappointing and I am glad that no one was standing/sitting under it. We strung the crystals that made it on strings and hung them on our windows... so now we have more rainbows in more rooms. So I guess it's ok

  4. i knew you would come up with something! when are we hanging out? i miss you guys.