Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a Discoverer

Living in a new place is always exciting.

I have been from St. Louis

To Milwaukee

And now to San Diego

Discovering each place has been a magical and lovely experience.

It takes time to get the feel of somewhere.

I have been reveling in the new sights and places to enjoy here.

This weekend was especially spectacular.

Last night the hubs and I were able to hang out with some new friends at Neighborhood in San Diego.

The beer list seems never ending.  

Peppered Malt Mignonette/ Goldmine Shaft Cheese Crumbles

As a sweet potato fry connoisseur, my taste buds were very happy with these.  

It was a night full of community and the beginning of great friendships.

Now, the best part of the night was me discovering the speakeasy type bar that was hidden behind a wall of fake kegs.  I noticed people going through this hallway but never coming out so I explored on my trip to the lady's room (to powder my nose ya know).  

The girls and I went in and were told that it was full and since we don't have reservations we'd have to wait outside until a spot opens.  When we were about to leave because Neighborhood was closing we were told that the spots had opened.

We were ushered into this small, high-ceilinged room that oozed character and was dark and lovely.  

I now know (after some research) that we had discovered a secret bar called Noble Experiment.

The wall of glittering, gold skulls; the creamy white leather booths, the best bartender ever makes this place a treasure in San Diego.

I find this picture of our bartender online.

He is literally holding a trophy after being named San Diego's best bartender.

The night turned into one of the best yet in sunny San Diego.

Our wallets took a little hit, but the memories are definitely worth it.  Noble Experiment will be one of our go-to 'celebration spots' for things like winning the lottery and things like that.

I hope that I have many more wonderful findings still to come.


Allison will be here in 30 Days


I can't wait to smother her with my love




  1. can't wait to meet your sister! ;-)

  2. I just started reading your blog and you should probably know that you are pretty fantastic. Seriously, I practically negleceted my one year old, tossing animal crackers in his general direction, to catch up from the beginning.