Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I Dream Of Thursday


Like most of you.  My current living space leaves much to desire in the second word of that pairing.  Space.  I feel like I need much more of it.

It can be so infuriating to just not have any place to put anything.  To always feel like you live in a haphazard, cramped and frustrating place.

This Thursday I want to share with you my dream to become organized.

I'm actually kind of scared of that word.

Being such an outdoorsy person.  
I usually sort of shrink away from things like




Anything too adultish is something I don't usually like to do.

Being organized used to be something I didn't care in the least about.  
But, trying to make my home seem like a home has been a challenge. 
I think that organization will help.

I'm going to dream about having a home that is small, but well put together.  Minimal and clean.

Like these.

Colorful and not too 'neat'

A space for everything

A craft closet that isn't similar to a death trap


Mellow Yellow (and not frantically searching for the cinnamon)

Lofts may not be romantic, but look how much storage there is!!

Clean, cheery and organized :)

So, here is to living within your means and making the most of it.

I would love any suggestions or tricks that you are using to maximize the little spaces of your life.


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  1. Okay, first off, what the hell are those pillows doing just sitting on a closet shelf looking pretty? I call that a waste of space. You could have sweaters there and put the decorative pillows out where they might do some good.
    So suggestion one: don't store your throw pillows in the closet.
    Seriously, though, the best way to be organized is to have less stuff. I'm still pairing down all the stuff I have. It drives me mad trying to find a place for the stuff I don't need, but might need, and therefore I keep it and drive myself mad looking for a place to put it. Stuff, stuff, stuff!
    Milk crates. That is how I organize my art supplies. Sometimes the supplies stay organized within those milk crates, sometimes I just shove them back on the shelf and don't look inside them.
    Shoe tree/door hanging shoe organizer. I paired down my shoe collection enough that I can put all my shoes AND tights into the little holes and them close the door and not have to look at them.
    Use what you have. I had this knick knack shelf that fit into a corner. We had knick knacks on it. Then we decided to try it as a spice rack. Voila! We stopped buying spices we thought we were out of because we could actually see them out on the shelf instead of stacked 5 deep in a cupboard! I've seen tutorials on how to make an old suitcase into a spice rack, too. Sounds intriguing. I bet you have stuff already that you could use for different purposes. Be creative!