Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Dream Of Thursday

Vintage Swimwear

I dream of how gorgeous and lovely the pieces are


I ALSO dream about the possibility of me having the
courage to actually don one sometime

I mean look at how these pictures make you swoon


There are so many places that are making more demure, vintage feeling suits now.  I'm really glad that they are a trend at the moment, because they have always been a favorite.

I have been ramping up my workouts lately and trying to cut back on food that's not so good for you.

My main goal is just to be more fit and to feel more healthy, but I would be lying if having a better bikini body wasn't a wish as well.

My main weakness are sweets.

I want candy all the time.

I'm not even kidding or exaggerating at all.

After dinner snacks are also a killer.

I mean why can't I have dinner and then a banana with peanut butter?
                        then pretzels with peanut butter?
                        maybe some crackers with peanut butter?
                        some nachos?

This is seriously what goes through my head almost every night.

I'm trying to work on all of these things.

For now, I'll just pretend that I'm pin-up curvaceous and dream of these vintage suits that I would love to be in.



  1. i could only wish to look like you. don't be crazy. i love those swimsuits and i wish i could actually wear one. but i will never be caught dead in a bathing suit ever again in my life. snacks are the best. my biggest downfall.

  2. I want a closet full of retro swimming suits :)