Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting more Homey

We have been in our little apartment for almost three months now (time is freaking flying).

I'm sure most of you have done the buy one thing... save money... buy another thing... save money and so on and so on.

It makes the "moving in" process seem to take forever, but it's completely doable and doesn't steep us in debt so I'm all ok about it.

We had this one corner of our living room that has been one of our beginning projects.

It was the chair corner

See our plethera of stools... that don't really match anything.

I felt like we were wasting space.  We were planning on a tiny "dining room" (I used that term oh so loosely) table.  We then found some chandeliers to put near the window.  They are crystal so we wanted to make the room flood with rainbows, so we put them where the sun would hit them.

Then one broke

A few nights ago, we decided to nix the table idea for many reasons.  The main one was the fact that we moved (really on a whim) the record player and records to this corner.  We felt like we weren't listening to them as much b/c of where they were and how hard they were to get to and we now love the corner a whole lot.  The hubs has already arranged the records in alphabetical order (a joke at his expense about this is totally reasonable).  

that Abba cover is one of my favorite sleeves ever

Come listen some time

Our new thought is to get a low coffee table to use as a "formal dining space" (maybe an even looser 

translation than before).  I hardly ever have the desire to serve the food I make in serving trays and things... way too many dishes.  We usually just dish up from the kitchen and end up eating while lounging in the living room, but it would be nice to be able to set a little, intimate eating area up sometimes.  We could lay on the ground while we eat, propped up with pillows, Jesus style at our coffee table... That's a pretty picture, right?

Oh, and I wanted to share what we did (really just Brad) with our broken chandelier.

Now we have pretty things to look at while doing the dishes. 

A domestic dream :)


It's been fun on this venture of making our little space somewhere that is truly relaxing and ours.  I feel like it will be one of our favorite places that we have ever lived in when we're looking back 80 years from now (technology will let us live to be way over 100 years old... just wait and see)

Everyone starts small.


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  1. it really was a beautiful chandelier, glad you were able to find a way to keep int around!