Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Favorite Piece

Like way too many people, I have a love for owls.

I could tell you a lot of facts about them.  They are the world's great hunters.

I have even taught a class on Owl Pellets...  interesting right?

I now have bookends, earrings, necklaces and so on with this animal on it.

My family knows how I like them, so it's a go-to gift for me which I fully appreciate.

This was a gift from my sister and my nieces that I have been wearing all the time lately.

It's an owl necklace that IS ALSO A CLOCK.

I love it.  I think of them each time I wear it and smile and miss them.

Whenever I work at Anthropologie I wear it and I get more compliments on it then anything else.  I also get asked if I got it from there.  I of course didn't, because I have to be able to afford anything from there (even with my discount), but that's another story.

It is definitely a favorite piece of mine.  

What is a piece that you can't help but smile while wearing?


  1. 1) I too love owls.
    2) I too have taught about them, but not pellets. I taught about their feathers and how they fly so silently.
    3) I too have family who know I love owls. I can't tell you how many owl necklaces/brooches/housewares I have received from them.
    4) That owl watch necklace is incredible!
    5) The piece I cannot help but smile while wearing is my new favorite yellow sweater. It is so comfy and casual, but still classy. Accessory wise, probably my american indian beaded earrings. I love those earrings!

  2. that necklace is adorable and how cool that it's a clock too!