Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I Dream Of Thursday

Hot Air Balloons

Not just any Hot Air Balloons, but the vintage, whimsical, Victorian Hot Air Balloon.  

The ones that you see in story books that make you want to float away and explore the world.

Don't you just want to GO

They are so pretty, they seem magical to me.

I may have a slight crush on them

forever to be on my shoulder
I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel's sake.  The great affair is to move.  ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Dream Of Thursday

Vintage Swimwear

I dream of how gorgeous and lovely the pieces are


I ALSO dream about the possibility of me having the
courage to actually don one sometime

I mean look at how these pictures make you swoon


There are so many places that are making more demure, vintage feeling suits now.  I'm really glad that they are a trend at the moment, because they have always been a favorite.

I have been ramping up my workouts lately and trying to cut back on food that's not so good for you.

My main goal is just to be more fit and to feel more healthy, but I would be lying if having a better bikini body wasn't a wish as well.

My main weakness are sweets.

I want candy all the time.

I'm not even kidding or exaggerating at all.

After dinner snacks are also a killer.

I mean why can't I have dinner and then a banana with peanut butter?
                        then pretzels with peanut butter?
                        maybe some crackers with peanut butter?
                        some nachos?

This is seriously what goes through my head almost every night.

I'm trying to work on all of these things.

For now, I'll just pretend that I'm pin-up curvaceous and dream of these vintage suits that I would love to be in.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting more Homey

We have been in our little apartment for almost three months now (time is freaking flying).

I'm sure most of you have done the buy one thing... save money... buy another thing... save money and so on and so on.

It makes the "moving in" process seem to take forever, but it's completely doable and doesn't steep us in debt so I'm all ok about it.

We had this one corner of our living room that has been one of our beginning projects.

It was the chair corner

See our plethera of stools... that don't really match anything.

I felt like we were wasting space.  We were planning on a tiny "dining room" (I used that term oh so loosely) table.  We then found some chandeliers to put near the window.  They are crystal so we wanted to make the room flood with rainbows, so we put them where the sun would hit them.

Then one broke

A few nights ago, we decided to nix the table idea for many reasons.  The main one was the fact that we moved (really on a whim) the record player and records to this corner.  We felt like we weren't listening to them as much b/c of where they were and how hard they were to get to and we now love the corner a whole lot.  The hubs has already arranged the records in alphabetical order (a joke at his expense about this is totally reasonable).  

that Abba cover is one of my favorite sleeves ever

Come listen some time

Our new thought is to get a low coffee table to use as a "formal dining space" (maybe an even looser 

translation than before).  I hardly ever have the desire to serve the food I make in serving trays and things... way too many dishes.  We usually just dish up from the kitchen and end up eating while lounging in the living room, but it would be nice to be able to set a little, intimate eating area up sometimes.  We could lay on the ground while we eat, propped up with pillows, Jesus style at our coffee table... That's a pretty picture, right?

Oh, and I wanted to share what we did (really just Brad) with our broken chandelier.

Now we have pretty things to look at while doing the dishes. 

A domestic dream :)


It's been fun on this venture of making our little space somewhere that is truly relaxing and ours.  I feel like it will be one of our favorite places that we have ever lived in when we're looking back 80 years from now (technology will let us live to be way over 100 years old... just wait and see)

Everyone starts small.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Blue and White

Last weekend Brad and I spent some time exploring some thrift stores.

One store seemed overflowing with amazing things, but I came home with only one vintage sweater.  It's a good and bad thing.  We are currently on the low end of the income scale and on the low end of the apartment space scale as well, so it's better to only get my favorite favorite things.  The bad part about it is that I feel like I don't fit into anything anymore.  I could go on and on about body issues at the moment, but that is an entirely different post.

Anyway, from the 15 or so items I dragged back to the fitting room with me, this is the piece I found.

Me in my little ole kitchen

It's the perfect creamy, baby blue color with winter white detailing.  

This is my dressed down version.
I threw on another vintage cardigan sweater 

living room picture time

Cuffs and the sun
I paired the sweater with a vintage, thrifted skirt earlier (for Anthropologie--but they didn't take my on-call hours).  I like the color blocking and I don't wear thin belts very often, so that was a nice little addition.  I feel like it could be a bit better though honestly.

A little of Miss Blurry

I love the different textures of the skirt and sweater together

My feet are 1,000 miles away


I finally got out of the house around 2 today (my life is so hard...mmmmmmmhghghghghg)

My only goal is to get a smoothie and visit some blogs.  Not having internet at the house has been challenging.  I feel like I'm slacking a ton on this blog thing.  I know all of you understand and don't really care, but just to let you know that I'm trying to keep up with everything (you can insert some groans b/c I probably have more free time than most of you--I just don't do the cafe thing as much as I should).

I hope that Tuesday is treating you all well.  
This week is almost halfway through (depressing?)


Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a Discoverer

Living in a new place is always exciting.

I have been from St. Louis

To Milwaukee

And now to San Diego

Discovering each place has been a magical and lovely experience.

It takes time to get the feel of somewhere.

I have been reveling in the new sights and places to enjoy here.

This weekend was especially spectacular.

Last night the hubs and I were able to hang out with some new friends at Neighborhood in San Diego.

The beer list seems never ending.  

Peppered Malt Mignonette/ Goldmine Shaft Cheese Crumbles

As a sweet potato fry connoisseur, my taste buds were very happy with these.  

It was a night full of community and the beginning of great friendships.

Now, the best part of the night was me discovering the speakeasy type bar that was hidden behind a wall of fake kegs.  I noticed people going through this hallway but never coming out so I explored on my trip to the lady's room (to powder my nose ya know).  

The girls and I went in and were told that it was full and since we don't have reservations we'd have to wait outside until a spot opens.  When we were about to leave because Neighborhood was closing we were told that the spots had opened.

We were ushered into this small, high-ceilinged room that oozed character and was dark and lovely.  

I now know (after some research) that we had discovered a secret bar called Noble Experiment.

The wall of glittering, gold skulls; the creamy white leather booths, the best bartender ever makes this place a treasure in San Diego.

I find this picture of our bartender online.

He is literally holding a trophy after being named San Diego's best bartender.

The night turned into one of the best yet in sunny San Diego.

Our wallets took a little hit, but the memories are definitely worth it.  Noble Experiment will be one of our go-to 'celebration spots' for things like winning the lottery and things like that.

I hope that I have many more wonderful findings still to come.


Allison will be here in 30 Days


I can't wait to smother her with my love



Friday, March 18, 2011

Day in the Hood

I love little neighborhoods.  And I am aware that every city has different areas with different feels, but I must say that I'm partial to the ones here in San Diego.

Maybe it's the constant gorgeous weather that makes everyone happy.

The hubs and I live in the middle of City Heights. It's a true melting pot.

Yesterday I took a walk to the local library and watched as the signs changed from Spanish to Vietnamese to Ethiopian and on and on and on.

Sitting at a cafe is like listening to the sounds of the whole world.

The warmth and the sun bring people out, mixes them together.  It's beautiful.

The sun asked me to put a hat on

Another owl.  Hoot Hoot

This belt was kind of a bitch.  It wouldn't stay on.

backyard living

Just look Up.

favorite kid ever

Clown Love

Favorite Meal

Welcome to the West Coast

Mosaic Jesus Loves You

I'm slowly building my tan and quickly falling in love with all things San Diego.

What do you love about where you live?  Are there some secret spots that are gems in your little living area?

Hope you are taking it easy on this beautiful Friday.  I want you all to have the energy to have a crazy, love-filled weekend.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I Dream Of Thursday


Like most of you.  My current living space leaves much to desire in the second word of that pairing.  Space.  I feel like I need much more of it.

It can be so infuriating to just not have any place to put anything.  To always feel like you live in a haphazard, cramped and frustrating place.

This Thursday I want to share with you my dream to become organized.

I'm actually kind of scared of that word.

Being such an outdoorsy person.  
I usually sort of shrink away from things like




Anything too adultish is something I don't usually like to do.

Being organized used to be something I didn't care in the least about.  
But, trying to make my home seem like a home has been a challenge. 
I think that organization will help.

I'm going to dream about having a home that is small, but well put together.  Minimal and clean.

Like these.

Colorful and not too 'neat'

A space for everything

A craft closet that isn't similar to a death trap


Mellow Yellow (and not frantically searching for the cinnamon)

Lofts may not be romantic, but look how much storage there is!!

Clean, cheery and organized :)

So, here is to living within your means and making the most of it.

I would love any suggestions or tricks that you are using to maximize the little spaces of your life.