Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Blue and White

Last weekend Brad and I spent some time exploring some thrift stores.

One store seemed overflowing with amazing things, but I came home with only one vintage sweater.  It's a good and bad thing.  We are currently on the low end of the income scale and on the low end of the apartment space scale as well, so it's better to only get my favorite favorite things.  The bad part about it is that I feel like I don't fit into anything anymore.  I could go on and on about body issues at the moment, but that is an entirely different post.

Anyway, from the 15 or so items I dragged back to the fitting room with me, this is the piece I found.

Me in my little ole kitchen

It's the perfect creamy, baby blue color with winter white detailing.  

This is my dressed down version.
I threw on another vintage cardigan sweater 

living room picture time

Cuffs and the sun
I paired the sweater with a vintage, thrifted skirt earlier (for Anthropologie--but they didn't take my on-call hours).  I like the color blocking and I don't wear thin belts very often, so that was a nice little addition.  I feel like it could be a bit better though honestly.

A little of Miss Blurry

I love the different textures of the skirt and sweater together

My feet are 1,000 miles away


I finally got out of the house around 2 today (my life is so hard...mmmmmmmhghghghghg)

My only goal is to get a smoothie and visit some blogs.  Not having internet at the house has been challenging.  I feel like I'm slacking a ton on this blog thing.  I know all of you understand and don't really care, but just to let you know that I'm trying to keep up with everything (you can insert some groans b/c I probably have more free time than most of you--I just don't do the cafe thing as much as I should).

I hope that Tuesday is treating you all well.  
This week is almost halfway through (depressing?)



  1. the weather in your photos constantly makes me happy and jealous all at once :O)
    lovely finds and lovely pairing.
    enjoy that smoothie lady!

  2. I love the way you've layered your two sweaters; what a great find that little blue number is. It's the best feeling to unearth a new favorite treasure! Oh, and I hope some of your nice weather drifts our way - it's snowing in ol' Buffalo right now!