Sunday, February 27, 2011

Come on already

Something I hate

To the women who are constantly running all over this city that have absolutely no fat on them:

Can you stop?

I get it
I get it

You run to stay in shape, so you can be gorgeous and make all of us "non-runners" feel like shit.

You are succeeding.

Every time I see you I want to tell you to take a break.

Also, this huge wave of guilt and shame over the king sized Snickers I ate last night comes back and I blame it on you.

I know that I'll never be a 6.  I'm not even usually an 8.  This girl has hips... and other things

So stop running around with your double zero self barely covered.

Please, for me and the rest of the ladies who are like me.

I want to really be happy with myself and you're making it damn hard.

I went running this morning and I hated it.

So, also don't run around me acting like it's your favorite activity in the world.

Me: "What are you doing?"

Annoying Runner: "I'm on my tenth mile and can't stop giggling with laughter"

This is something that I hate.


  1. you are so tall and slender and lovely. don't give it another thought.
    i hate running. i tried it... 5k and everything. not for me!
    and the skinny girls sprinting in the bellow zero windchill with snow on the ground make me want to scream out the window "you must secretly hate yourself!" why else would you DO THAT?!

  2. Eh, I'll go have another cupcake now and forget about the skinny girls. I will also never be a size 6. My bones will not be a size 6. I've got big Norwegian bones and am built like my father, who was a football player. I would like to loose a little bit of the flab, but running is not my thing. I went on a jogging stint a few years ago. I hated it all the while. I'd rather walk a few miles and eat healthy. Makes me happier.

  3. *guilty* I'm definitely not a 00, but I do run (almost)everyday. I actually hate running though, and I also hate what I look like. Like you said, I do run to stay in shape, but I also run because I just want to feel good about myself...I feel bad now, I hope my running doesn't make other people feel bad about themselves