Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black Tie Friday

The hubs works at Balboa Park.  He has been installing art at the Museum of Photographic Art for the past two weeks and this Friday we are going to their Black Tie (open bar) Opening.


I have never been fancy.

I do not know how to be fancy.

I am already despairing about outfit choices.

So, I'm offering it up for discussion to all of you, my more fancy, more fashionable friends.

So, here are the three choices that I am currently between:

I miss my long hair sometimes
This dress is the bridesmaid's dress from my friend, Susan's, wedding.  I love the color and how it fits me (or at least fit me), but is it too bridesmaidy?  Would everyone be staring at me thinking, "how cheap could this girl be?"

Opal's Market Day Dress
This is one of my favorites from the Opal Collection.  This dress is vintage and I believe dressy enough for a black tie event, but I'm not sure if I'm correct in thinking that.  What could I pair it with (tights wise) to make it classier?  I don't know... also it's tighter than I typically wear, but I'll be standing all night so it's doable.  I really need to invest in a good pair of Spanx (shush)

Opal's Mad Men Dress
I love navy.  I also love the thick material of this dress.  It's short, but does the modest long sleeve/high neckline make up for that?  I think so.

So, those are the three.


I'll take pictures of me and Brad (and some friends) all gussied up.

P.S. Sorry for the blizzard everyone... San Diego is still glorious


  1. Everything is lovely, but my vote is for the pretty green dress! I think it's the black tie-est. Have fun!

  2. oooooooh! fun!

    I like the Market Day Dress, it is bright (which is very CA) it does need to be dressed up a bit though for black tie.

    I would do something cool in your hair: a headband or flower piece to play up the vintage quality of the dress...

    And some sheer lacy black tights.

  3. not that I am actually more fancy or fashionable than you, Ash... I like either of the last two dresses. I would think that to pull them off though you would want either some jewelry w/ a vintage feel (pearls or gold?) or maybe a more dressy scarf that would go well. I gotta say though that both of them seem a little more business-like than the green one (high necked and more casual fabric), so if you don't have or find the right accessories, it might not quite give the right effect.
    That's just my silly opinion, though - the green one is also great and pretty, just like you! I'm sure you'll be lovely no matter what.

  4. those tie affairs aren't green dress worthy. the other two would be fine with long earrings. if you ever need to borrow jewelry...i have some!

  5. I still vote for the middle, but no tights, and dress shoes. boom roasted.

  6. I vote the middle as well - although I also love the green dress (it's perfect to dance in as I recall). I vote dress shoes and if tights than some lacy/fishnet ones, and I'm with Elise and the fancy earrings.

  7. I'd say the middle one as well, even though I adore that green dress. I'm kind of torn myself now! And that short hair is rocking and great! I always miss my long hair when mine's short too though

  8. I love the middle dress. Very Joan on Mad Men. Swoon. No tights, however, just a great pair of big earrings and some bright lips.

  9. #2 Light BLue! So sophisticated! You need PUMPS.