Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair Changes

In the last year my look has changed quite drastically.

I had long hair for the longest time.  I probably found my identity in my hair much more than I should have.

I've had variations of length in the past, but all in the 'long' category.

At home in Illinois early last summer
I'm on the left... I've always had long hair

I had the opportunity to work with one of the best ladies I ever met.  Everyone loved her.  She was full of joy and peace.  The day she passed away I decided to shave my head (it was an idea my friends and I had already discussed).

This was the group that did it as well.

The group that I shaved my hair with:: some brave people

I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love
I went first and it was pretty easy to do the deed.

I must say that it wouldn't have been that way without a completely supportive husband.  Brad had actually told me for the longest time that he thought I should shave my head.  He was actually the one wielding the razor for most of the night.

It was cold and weird.

But it was

I now go around and tell everyone that they should shave their heads.

Here is a picture of me, in my wedding dress, with the shorter (although a bit grown out) style.

The fact that I was able to share such a moving experience with friends and have a huge support group of gals that had literally gone through the same thing helped.  It was weird when people came to the camp and found most of the workers bald.  

Sometimes I don't feel feminine, or pretty, but that happened even before the shave.

Those feelings are less and less though.

I feel like I've changed along with my hair.  Stronger maybe?  More daring (though still nervously cautious about most things).

How I look still matters to me.  I still think about how others view me, but I now know that I can handle weird looks.  I can look different from the norm and still be great.  

Maybe great because of that.

And now I'm thinking of making another change.

I've also always been a brunette.  Fiercely brunette.
Maybe it was because I was such a nerd in school, but I always fought for the coolness of brown hair and enforced the stereotype of the blondes. 

I was a kid then, trying to be funny.

A few nights ago, I began thinking of all the amazing platinum pixie cuts I've been seeing.  I think, if there ever was a time to go with a different look, it would be with short, short hair. 

So, what do you think of Ashley as a platinum blonde?

Crazy, right?

But, I'm considering it and would love to know what you think.



  1. wow. blonde. you!
    I think you could pull it off easily if that's what appeals to you to do, the only negatives being:

    1. having to maintain the color
    2. having to decide eventually whether to maintain coloring it or just chopping it all off and starting over again.

    personally I am super-antsy with my hair and always want it long or short and I hate the middle-length growth period - takes forever. Awhile back I chopped my hair off in sort of a shaggy-topped short cut and dyed it black, but eventually I had to grow it long enough to cut all the black out to get back to my natural color (without dying it back to brown). And then wait after THAT for it to get longer.

    but it's always fun to try something new, especially if you are enjoying having it short. do it.

  2. That's why if I was ever ever ever going to dye my hair it would be with a super short hairdo. Then I'll just grow it for a month and chop off the ends.

    I'm still thinking though.

  3. I say go for it! Isn't carrie mulligan adorable?!

  4. i was hoping you were going to say RED (like maroon red...not wendy's fast food red)...or Blue Black.....blonde could be interesting. in the words of your sis-in-law...follow your heart.

  5. Do it!! I did it...although not with real short hair...and it was good. I did eventually get tired of having to keep up with it, and having stripey hair (dark roots are real dark with light hair), but it was still totes worth it. That's when you just color it back. Just watch those eye-browns.

  6. I say if you have the extra money, then go for it! The upkeep of staying blonde can be a pain in the ass and a bit pricey, just so you are aware. I was blonde for two years and I had to go in every two months and pay 70 dollars for cover my roots. Blonde/bleach is not something I would be willing to play around in my sink with. I'll leave it up to professionals. With that said, if I had the extra dough I would TOTALLY go platnum right this instant. Michelle is my ultimate hairsperation.

  7. Oh just do it already! Keep on living and tasting every new taste that comes along. Sometimes you do things just to have done them. Mark this one off the list. Trust me, lady.