Saturday, October 30, 2010

Must Have

I have been thinking about this for a long time.  It may be my favorite discovery ever.

A few days ago Brad and I went to some friends of ours and they had one.  Now I know for sure that this was meant to be.

Let me introduce my new love.

No matter how long it takes, I will get a black standard poodle.  Look how great these dogs are.

Madelyn, our friend's dog, is 13 and turning gray, but she is the most beautiful, awesome looking dog I have ever seen.

Can't you just see me and my standard poodle frolicking on the beach together.
It makes my heart happy just thinking about it.  We will be fashion icons together.

I also LOVED what I wore for our dinner night (when I met the aforementioned dog of my dreams).  

I had found a yellow dress that had the original Target tag on it (for $30 which I got for $4) but it shows every  little imperfection (((this is code for my hips/thigh region looked ungodly)))) so I put it under another thrift find.  I threw on a black/blue cardigan I had gotten on a recent trip back to home to Southern Illinois and a brown belt and it was so comfy and easy to wear.  

This is really going to be a go to outfit for me.  It has a splash of color along with some classic vintage pieces and I feel absolutely me in it.  The whole outfit costs around 20 bucks (which is another perfect thing about it).

I think this is the only hairstyle I've had for weeks now

this collar is one of my favorite things about this dress.  Such a good detail.

I got my first birthday present (it's still weeks away---how good is my husband?).  It's a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D  lens.  It's made for close-up pictures in dim light conditions.  I'm unbelievably excited about it.  Also, it made my blah day yesterday turn completely around.  I also got to belay at our camps rockwall which also always makes me  happy.  Give me the chance to show kids that they can do something that they originally thought was beyond them and I am on board.


I'm super nervous about looking stupid.  I know I know I know.  It will be great.  BBUUUTTTT I'm still worried about how they will all turn out.  A friend of mine is doing the shoot and it will be a fun day so I'm trying to get super excited about it.  My wedding was so long ago and I'm looking forward to having all those feelings rush back to me when I step into the dress.  I even bought fake eyelashes (wish me luck with those).

I'm probably going to bring some other outfits along to get the most out of my day with an actual photographer (who is doing the pictures for free b/c she is amazing).   Hopefully my next post will tell you all about our locations and everything.

Back to the beginning

I seriously can't stop thinking about what my life will be like with a standard.  Is it horrible that I'm excited about this dog and I haven't even began to think about little babies yet???  All my friends are having kids and I love that and I'm happy for them, but I can't imagine taking care of a little human.  Enough talk about that.  sheesh.

I'm going to get a hooded sweatshirt for my poodle to wear when it's cold.  It's going to be adorable, and she/he won't be a prissy poodle--just an unbelievably awesome looking dog that will go around with me and make me look cooler (I need all the help I can get).

Tell me about your pet wishes and dreams.  Do you have a pet now that is the most amazing thing ever?  Do you envision yourself with a great dane that you can put scarves on?

I'm sure this obsession of mine will keep popping up on here.  I just hope that I don't turn into a crazy dog lady before I even get one.

I'll leave you with this

I am not dressing up for Halloween this year so please tell me all about your Halloween fun.  I MUST hear about it.


  1. Oh man, that is an awesome dog! However, the frolicking at the beach part made me think of how few times we took my family's black cocker spaniel to the beach. If the fur is longish it is SO hard to get the sand and sea smell out. I hope you have a truck or a not fancy car that you don't care about getting mucky.
    For me, my dream dog is medium to small sized. I coo every time I see a \Boston terrier, French bulldog, or pug. I also love beagles, but they need a lot of attention and space, two things I don't have enough of at this time.
    And don't you dare feel bad about wanting a dog more than babies at the moment. I am in the same boat. No to the babies. I'm not ready. My finances are not ready. I'm not about to move around the country with baby. I honestly don't see what the big deal is with babies, anyway. They look all wrinkly and red for months after coming out, but puppies are cute from the get go! I never coo at babies, only puppies.
    Do you have a name picked out for your hypothetical canine companion? I've got a trove of names, just need a funny, furry little friend to give one to.

  2. so I know nothing about dog breeds, but our friends have a smaller version of thing dog, and he is super cute. he has an underbite and it cracks me up. I bet the black standard would be really fun.
    I have been bugging my husband for a dog, and he finally told me the other day that I can have one someday when our lives allow for it. and I definitely want a dog more than a kid. I have no idea what I want though... maybe a labradoodle?! I don't want a really big dog though. I generally like beagles, so maybe I'll get a beagle-ish mutt or something.
    have fun with your wedding photoshoot!!! hope you get some shots that you really love. also, the dog in that first picture is adorable... and the one in the last pic looks really weird...

  3. hahaha- i'm totally opposite of the above elise-
    i don't love animals enough to put all that work into them! i'd rather have kids.
    we had the most adorable little mini wiener dog puppy for a little while when leland was a little fella because he was in LOVE with puppy's. we ended up selling him to friends because we weren't home enough and felt bad for him.
    okay, but i am SO EXCITED for you photos in your DRESS!!!
    Can't wait to see them!!!!!!!