Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's go to the Alamo

I went to a local town just for thrifting today and it was glorious.

I don't think most New Mexicans are really after the styles I am so I tend to find a lot when I go.  Today was a gold mine.

I will have a post showing you all of them later.

I even got Allison's birthday presents (our birthday is coming up!!! eek)

I'm really not used to solitary days.  Growing up with a twin kind of made that never happen.  Usually all my days off are spent with Brad (which I love) but today he was working so I ventured out myself.

It was nice.

A lot of Ryan Adams (Brad hates that guy), First Aid Kit, The Dodos and just watching the mountains fade into desert.

It's really gorgeous out here.  It's rugged in a way that the Midwest definitely is not.  I feel like I've gotten a tougher edge just from living out here (that's probably just me hoping that it's true).  It's a different feeling though driving through miles and miles and scrub land.  There are so many different shades  of brown.  who knew.

It's the small things in life.

A few days ago we were listening to Marla Hansen on the way home from town and with our crappy FM transmitter it's always a bit staticy, but it was such a good night that you could believe that you were listening to it on vinyl.  That little scratch  made it even better.

Oh, and I got my helmet in.
Check it out

my winter coat makes me happy

Saturday is almost done and the mountain is getting shady already.

Hope your weekend is going great.

I also hope you found some treasures of your own and I would love to hear about them.

--Weeds and Whimsy--


  1. Hi! I left a similar comment on your sister's blog..I was trying to explain how we semi-knew each other through the Schroeder girls during camp days. Not offended if you don't remember...haha anyway, my maiden name is Maria Dolbeare..
    Love the hair, love the reason why you did it, and your perfectly-fitting winter coat!

  2. Man. I'm jealous that THAT is your winter coat. My winter coat is basically a sleeping bag with pockets and an eskimo hood.

  3. I prefer thrifting alone to thrifting with partners. I get entranced thinking about the different stories contained in each piece of clothing, so it's imperative that I move at my own pace.

    Also your helmet is GORGEOUS!

  4. 1) A drink me bottle would be a rad tattoo, especially if it was one of the original illustrations. 2) What are your other tattoos of?

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely day; I can't wait to see your finds! Sometimes solitary days are the best. I also like your outfit - it looks like something I would wear! I also have to disagree with your assertion on my blog that you have big ankles; they look very dainty in your ballet flats.

  6. Maria, I do remember you and your lovely hair and lovely husband (then boyfriend) and I'm so glad that you found me in the blog world.

    Abigail, I think I might be moving over to the single thrift shopping as well. It is a huge change for me though. I do love getting lost in wondering what stories my new vintage piece has.

    Chelsea, I'm sure you'll see my tattoos more in these pictures come Spring time. I have dandelions on my forearm and a Victorian hot air balloon on my back left shoulder.

    Alicia, you have to be CLOSER to see my deformities known as ankles. Trust me. My finds will definitely be popping up in my blog soon. I'm way excited about it.