Monday, October 18, 2010

Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.

I hate diseases and death and people hurting.

Life is a bitch sometimes.

I have short hair now.  I used to have long hair.  I, along with about 20 other people, shaved it the day Pat died from cancer.  Pat, maybe the best person ever, died of cancer.

A friend of mine just lost another parent.

Sometimes I wish the whole karma thing worked out.  Something would have happened to Snookie a long time ago.  The whole Kardashian clan would be really messed up.  All the lovely people would just enjoy life.

I know things work out in the end.  I just don't get why things have to be so shitty for truly amazing people.

If karma did work though we'd all be severely out of luck.  Good thing that's not it.

OK, apologies for being such a mope

Today was Monday.  EEEEEKK.  Mondays last forever in the worst of ways.

I'm loving right now though, because I'm super close to be doing with Monday for another 6 days.

I will tell you something that makes Mondays way more tolerable (and almost enjoyable).  The best husband ever bringing not only coffee, but flowers to usher in the end of the Monday workday with.  We don't have any vases, so the gorgeous orange flowers that Brad got me (I don't know what type because I'm not like that) are in a a plastic pitcher.  I love them.

One other thing I love in the same intensity that I hate the previous subject (the whole death thing) is love.  And I mean it.

The hubs also took pictures of me today.  I love him for that too.  Also, I'm pretty picky when it comes to pictures and maybe sometimes I judge him for the pictures he takes of me.  He tries anyway though.  So great.

^^Me with Flowers^^

I got this sailor dress years ago (maybe 4 or 5) in a thrift store in Southern Illinois.  It's a bitch (I meant a bit, but this is honestly what I typed so it's gonna stay) itchy and I wish that was different, but other than that I love it.  I threw on my floral tights again, because it's a Monday and you do anything to make it better (like wearing poodle shirts).  These steps are right behind our cabin.  I think they may have a bit of magic in them.

Oh, and guess what gal will be cruising down the streets of San Diego on a motorcycle with her husband soon?

This girl, and I just got this helmet to keep me and my brains safe

Can't you just see how awesome that's going to be???

Or it will just be unnervingly scary and I'll hate it, but fingers crossed for the first one.

Goodnight Lovelies,

Let's hear it for not being Monday tomorrow



  1. Your pictures are turning out so GREAT! And you know that I've always loved (okay - I really want) that dress. And oh man - a motorcycle??! I can't wait to hear what your first experiences on it. Way to be epic.

  2. I love your short hair, and I love the story behind it even more. It shows that you are a beautiful person inside and out. Amazing coat too btw.

    if you have some time, show me some love at my blog :)

  3. I am too chicken to ride my bicycle in the city, I doubt I could ever ride a motorcycle. I can't even drive in this metropolis because it stresses me out. Plus we don't have a car. Anyway, you will be styling with that helmet, for sure. It is mod and modern at the same time. And oh so shiny.

  4. so exciting (motorcycle)
    i think having one would be awesome but the mom gene in me is FREAKING out about you even having one. just under the surface i'm screaming BE CAREFUL! GO SLOW! DON'T SMASH YOUR PRETTY LITTLE PIXIE HEAD!
    just keepin it real.

    Jillian always wins everything and is the sister with the noteworthy, exciting life. i feel your pain. i think that you are magical.
    i love you both.

  5. I just saw Ash's comment on Elise's post - hah.

  6. Indeed my friend, cheers to it not being Monday anymore!

    Also, that dress is freaking amazing. Like, holy smokes amazing.

    And curiously enough, I have a veryveryvery similar helmet!! I sprung for the disco-gold, full bubble helmet and I could not love it more. It looks like a million bucks in the sun, too!

    And also, I am so sorry to hear about your friend losing a parent. That is a really, really hard thing to deal with. It's also a hard thing to console someone over. I've been in both shoes and it really just never will be easy.

    Pessimistic? Perhaps.

    Life? You betcha.