Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rush Delivery

The countdown until the next move (TO SAN DIEGO!!) is beginning.  At least in my head, Brad (the husband) doesn't like my endless desire to have numbers rolling around my head, but I can't really help it (my mom is a math teacher (so maybe it's in my blood)) but I only have 67 more days until my last day of work here.  Don't get me wrong, I love doing what I do and such.  Really though, how could you not be excited when the West Coast is at your door step.

Hi Pacific Ocean my name is Ashley and I love you.

Why yes Pelican, come over to me and I will give you bread.

I'm already going through my future daily life and I'm loving it... although the job thing isn't quite worked out yet, but let's not sweat the details.


I'm also going to miss this little mountain life we've been living.  I mean, this will forever be where I spent the first years of marriage with the man that I am still crazy about.  So, it's a pretty important, sentimental place.  I've decided to not let anything about the current living situation (not living in OUR own place and such) get me down anymore.  We deserve to really soak up these last few months.

This is why I'm devoting (most) of this post to daily life in the Hutch's Hideaway (we name our cabins here).

You know that I work at the camp, but some of you don't know that MY HUSBAND DOES TOO.  I know, so quaint.  He actually works for the church, but the church is on the camp and his programs use the camp space usually blah blah blah.  One of his programs is the animal room.  Now the animal room smells bad (because there are animals in it) but that's the only negative of the entire fun-loving space.  We have snakes, ferrets, sugar gliders, tree frogs... all of which are my friends.

Here's some of them.

Twilight the Tree Frog (shut up a little girl named him)

Gwendolyn the Cockatiel
Brad and Burns the Ferret

I'm not even joking when I say we have a lot more animals.  Maybe I'm gloating, maybe I'm showing off but when you have exotic animals to do your bidding you may get a big head.

I say all of this to say that I have dead, frozen mice in my freezer.

Whoah,  don't freak out.  This isn't a big deal.  I don't eat the mice.  They may be BESIDES things that I eat, but come on.

So this is what came in the mail for us yesterday.


I can just imagine the conversation at the Post Office.
"So this is frozen meat"  "Yeah"  "Rodent Pro"  "Yeah"  "What are they going to do with frozen mice?"
I don't know if this translates as a funny thing to you, but it's worth telling you just because it is funny in my head.

Brad also loves science (maybe he's a little dorky when it comes to science experiments, but whatever I like numbers) so when the package was loaded with frozen nitrogen.  This happened.

Brad is just popping up everywhere

I also am trying to put away all of our things into an already full cabin.  So, my spices went into the old wood stove oven.  
said spices

I really do love this piece.  I would love it even more if it was safe for fires, but alas it's not so it's a place for stuff now.

This is our other place for stuff
That is a lot of shit

This is one of the reasons that I'm totally happy with where we're at, but remember I'm not dwelling on the negatives anymore.  Where we're living is rent free, 1 1/2 minutes from work and in the mountains.  I had 5 deer in my front yard this morning eating from my apple tree.  Bliss?

So really if I say too many things that make it seem like I'm hating New Mex and can't wait to get out of the place.  Please remind me to not be so much of a bitch, cause I'm really not.  I just need a reminder every once in a while.

Trying to take pictures of my outfits to put on here have been kind of a challenge.  I usually use the self-timer so they are a bit unfocused at places.  Yesterday though, my problem was campers not leaving me alone.  Yes, I gave you your orientation.  Yes, I changed clothes.  No, I don't need your help.


Anyway here are the ones that came out ok.

shirt: Charlotte Russe
skirt: thrifted
necklace: given to me by a friend TODAY
shoes: thrifted
coat: gift from mom
belt: husband's

This last picture is of a blender that was given to me by the same friend who gave me the owl necklace.  I'm a sucker for anything this color and it looks like it's never been used.  I was so excited when she gave this to me.  I think she's crazy for not wanting to keep both things for herself.  

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

It's gorgeous here in New Mexico and although most of our trees are pine we do have some deciduous around and they're doing their part in the color game.  

I love this season


  1. okay...first, can't wait for your move to SD. Second, cute outfit!!! Third, I think we HAD that blender when I was a small child. Finally, you neve said what you actually do with the frozen mice so I am a little nervous!

  2. Um, were we separated at birth? I also adore that color of green and have many owl necklaces. I love your outfit photos, though I know what it is like to have people ask if you need help. I prefer to do it on my own, thanks. My timer and tripod haven't let me down yet, while my husband or friends always get exasperated with me asking "Just one more, okay?"
    I am glad to hear you are making the most of your time there. You can't always be happy with it, but to appreciate the wildlife and scenery is good. Myself? I've been trying to make a list of things I like about Chicago, but the cons are far outweighing the pros.