Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion Post I

First I have to say that Brad (the husband) and I just moved into another cabin here at the campground so it's a bit of a mess and the decor is not really us.  It's a happy thing because it means that we sold our cabin (our first home together that we loved and made into the perfect little place) and we're one step closer to making the move to San Diego (cue Angels singing).  The downfall is we'll only be here for 3 months so we're living out of boxes and we won't be making any design changes at all.  So it's country blue and red plaid for a while.

Most of the time I'm in my Camp uniform which consists of a navy blue tee or polo and I pretty much feel devoid of all creativity.  When I come home I immediately change out of it.  In the mountains though there's really never a reason to get fancy schmancied and if I ever just do it anyway I feel like people stare at me like I'm an alien or something (I'm so close to Roswell that reference is more annoying then funny to me).  So usually I try to keep it really casual but still a bit fun.  That's usually exactly how I feel like dressing anyway.

Today I came home and changed from flats to boots (because in the mountain it gets freaking frigid the minute the sun goes down), put on a tee that I actually like and added a chunky vest that's color makes me want to go play in the forest.  I also have a off white rosette barrette in my hair (my short short boy hair).  I'll tell you all more about the hair later, but know that I'm trying to be as feminine as possible and actually I'm kind of loving the do lately.
This outfit is pretty basic for my after work clothes
I wore the bottom half to work (except with flats)
The boots are Fergilicious (I just like to say that)
The chunky knit vest and tights are Derek Heart
I got the tee on vacation in Colorado at a Pac Sun
Enjoy the mess of my cabin :)


  1. Thanks Elise, my hair is actually coming in to be an actual style finally.
    I think that you need these tights too