Monday, October 11, 2010


that title is for Alli Faye. Things hurt for a bit, but things get better.

I also happen to be listening to this song
Bruises by Chairlift

So, I have today off.  Not because I'm a teacher, but my schedule just worked out like this.  Can I just say that days off are phenomenal.  I mean I slept until 10:30 today and now I'm just doing the rounds at local coffee joints.

Right now I'm in Zocca and I had a cinnamon soy latte and sausage, egg and cheese panini (slightly greasy and super delicious) and I'm thinking of going on and getting a smoothy at another place in a bit.

Enter pictures of said food and coffee

Days off are heaven.

This morning I went to take pictures of Brad working on the mini golf course (he's designing/building one for our camp) and today they were pouring the concrete for a few holes and I got concrete on my dress.

Who gets concrete on a dress??? This girl.  I'm raising my hand that has ink smudged on parts and dirt under my fingernails.  I swear that even when I'm forty I'm going to be writing reminders all over my forearms.  One of the guys told me that it washes out.  Let's hope.

Where I'm sitting I can see a little girl that just got out of a car (her parents I assume are getting out soon) but she's playing with a bouncy ball in a parking lot.  Am I weird for being totally concerned for this girls safety?  If I ever have kids I'm going to have ulcers and my husband is going to make them do dangerous things.  I'm sure of it.  But, come on, that bouncy ball is going to go out into the middle of the parking lot and she's going to get hit and it will be my fault.  geez.

Ok, she's fine.  I'm sure all of you were holding your breath.

Now a change in subject (sorry about this but I'm listening to music and every song change makes me think about something else--heck it's my day off so I can do what I want).

I walked down the aisle to Ingrid Michaelson's Breakable and now whenever I hear any song by her I am immediately in that moment before I walked in.  My heart always beats faster and I hold my breathe.  I didn't really get pictures taken at my wedding (for money reasons) and now I'm regretting that.  I just brought back my dress from Illinois and I'm thinking about having a friend of mine take pictures of me now (almost 2 1/2 years later).  Is that stupid?  My hair is about 14 inches shorter now, but I love my dress and didn't really get anything that I can hang on a wall to make me remember it.  Any suggestions about what I can do picture wise of if I should even do that.  I don't know.  I'm always worried that I'm being frivolous, or selfish or being horrible in some other way... so let me know.

There's a local lavender ranch that I'm thinking might be the spot.

In between my coffee/smoothy stops (I feel like my dad and his coffee buddies going from cafe to cafe to shoot the shit) I stopped by a picnic area and tested out the self timer.  Two of them turned out a little unfocused but one's alright.

This is a dress that I got for my Bridal Shower almost 3 years ago.  I LOVE it.  I wear it through the entire year (sometimes with flats, in between times with tights and boots and during the winter I just add a grandpa cardigan).  I adore the whimsy, old-fashioned feel of it.  It has satin, pintuck and ruffle detail and the cream color just makes it feel soft and charming.  

I feel like this dress will enjoy my whole life with me.

I cooked dinner for the first time in the new place tonight.  I made rice and sauce with tomatoes, Italian sausage and some veggies.  I still feel like this place is not home at all.  I'm hoping that cooking here will help me settle in, but it's been tough.  There's not any good work stations here to prep for meals and I'm just ready to go.

Brad and I are moving to San Diego at the beginning of this next year and I can't wait.  I've been to San Diego twice and just fell in love with it.  

I'm ready to be with similar people with similar hearts.  I'm ready to be able to smell the salt in the air.  

Here's to good changes and to Columbus Day.

Hope yours was great too.


  1. dirt underneath fingernails, ink stains on hands, etc.

    Solid work, little gem.

  2. i would have been twitching watching that little girl & the impending doom/ you'll be a good momma bear.
    get those pictures taken/ in those gorgeous woods with your husband/ you deserve it!
    i love your dresses & ladylikeness/ and the ink & dirt.
    at the moment i have dirt under my nails from my first potted container for the porch & red paint splattered up my arm from a rush paint job in the garage. so dress though, i wish.

  3. The title of this post fits me more than you know. I accidently kicked the wall today with my foot and now I'm limping. I think that my body just wants to portray what's going on inside - it was jealous that it had no bruises of its own.

  4. do it! (the pictures!)
    we had photos taken a couple of months after we got married, and it was great. What's a couple of years?

    glad you are in the blogging world. its lots o fun.