Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ok, So I'm the Dragon

I hate wearing uniforms and today was full of them.  I'm a huge believer in showing someone that I work here by the way I treat them.  Not from this tshirt I have on.

I think tshirts take me back to Jr. High and I freaking hated Jr. High.  Who wants to remember back to when they were a head taller (at least) than all of the boys.  I never showered back then.  I rarely shower now too, but that doesn't matter.  I was also so insecure that I thought my "funny" sense of humor aka making fun of everything and everyone was the coolest thing ever.

I was such a douchebag I'm sure...

I mean, whenever I spoke I was a d-bag.  I didn't talk much.  Have you ever heard of a speech impediment?

This girl has.  That's all I'm going to say about that (in Jr. High I would have mumbled/slurred that so you wouldn't have any idea what I said).

Also, sidenote, if I ever work with Jr. Highers like at a Rock Tower class or something like that they'll bring that insecurity back out, but thankfully now I'm much quicker than they are with their sarcastic comments.  I'm not worried about making a jr. higher feel ridiculous, just as long as they don't do it to me.

Back to uniforms.  It's super hard to come up with anything original to wear when you have to wear a navy blue tshirt or polo.  Now, I've been thinking about this outfit for a while and I was excited about wearing it today.  I put on my glorious brown heels (they look vintage but they aren't), gray tights, a gray/white striped skirt, a brown belt, the BP tshirt, and my super faithful mustard cardigan.

Here's the look

These shoes don't make me look a giant

I really loved it and I felt like an English school girl in it which was so fun.  

After regular work today I also worked a banquet for the camp.  The uniform was white and black.  Most everyone wore black bottems with a white button up, but I will take any excuse to wear a vintage dress.  I found this dress in Olney, Il (the home of the white squirrels) and picked it up for just a few bucks.  I've fallen in love with the high waist, A-line skirt and interesting collar.  It has such a good feel to it.

It came with a black and white thin belt but I switched it out for a red one (to match the table decorations--that may be lame).  

Clothes can change the way I feel about myself.  A baggy tshirt makes me feel insecure and puts me right back in my gawky, junior high body.  A vintage piece makes me feel like I've got a secret that everyone wants to know.  

I love secrets.

whatever,  I said it.  

I'm very much a girl in some ways... but don't make me watch Sex in the City... or even think about it

I'm getting very cozy with this hair of mine.
I apologize for my freaky stare

So, here's some good news.

We took Gordon to the pound.

I know, I know I should be sad, but fuck it, I am not.  Brad cleaned the couches and the carpet last night (I was painting my nails at the time... it sounds like I'm lying but I'm not) and they aren't covered by dog hair now and they won't ever be again.  I'm sure that years from now I'll remember all the good things about Gordon and think of him with fondness, but at the moment I'm just glad that there's nothing that's going to eat the insulation around the water heater any more.  Gordon was way more of a douchebag than I was in Jr. High.  Trust me.

Maybe I'm a horrible person.

I'm going to leave you thinking about whether I am or not.



  1. So, I am really loving your blog. I can relate to the hating uniform thing. I have heard that people respond and feel more comfortable when they are NOT around or being helped by people in uniform. If the bookshop I work at had a uniform I would just die. I've already been wearing pants more than usual, don't throw a t-shirt into the mix, too. Sorry about the bastard dog. I had a hedgehog who was pretty much the worst pet ever, though I think it was mostly my fault. Found him a good home luckily, so I don't miss him at all.

  2. UM. I'm sorry about Gordon. I understand, though. Seriously. My fella threatens to send Duncan (the CO version of Gordon) to the glue factory at least once daily. But he actually does love us, and show us love. Just not in the company of.. company. Tangent!

    Anyway- you say you work at a camp, no? And you wear this uniform, yes? And you're also in the weeds, right? Because in my life, uniform + weeds = working in a restaurant. So, am I just totally off?

    Also, I would like to share that I probably shower once a week. So what. Fuck you. Not you, but the people who care about my hygiene. I'm such a better person with a little bit of funk on me. Fact.

    Also, I'm glad that I wasn't the only jrhi dbag. But, be it fortunate or unfortunate- I think every single mother fucker in junior high is a douchebag. Today, and since the beginning of time. That's why it's there. Cute kids are in Elementary, Young Adults in High School. They needed a place for all that douche.


    PS- OOPS: and your outfit!! I love it. Mustard anything gets my seal of approval, and in these photos you really remind me of another blogger: Dressed Up Like A Lady (she has a real name, but it escapes me at this time...).


  3. I do work at a camp. I make the plans and cover the details for all the guest groups blah blah blah. I really love most of it. And I know for a fact that every kid. Ever. Gets better through Jr. High. I know a lot of homeschooled adults who never got the douchebag kicked out of them. Sadly, I know a lot oh home schoolers.

    Ok and a huge point to remember is that hedgehogs are the grossest animals in the world. We have an animal room at the camp I work and those things top the list in animals that shit on themselves. I hope you have better pet experiences from here on out.

  4. Oh my gracious, I love your style. Your hair is so perfect; pixie cuts are the best and yours suits you so well!

  5. Awhhh your hair is super cute! You remind me of Carey Mulligan! And she is awesome! And your outfit is FAB, totally adore the color of your cardigan!

    Amethyst is my birthstone! I totally LOVE the color! Awesome pick! And the touch of gold simple adds up its beauty!

    Have a good one! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart