Monday, October 25, 2010

I can't express anger. That's one of the problems I have. I grow a tumor instead.

I'm watching Manhattan by Woody Allen.  He's one of Allison's favorite directors.

Sometimes you do things just to think of someone you love.

I do really like it.  It's soothing to have in the background.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and the twin. Chicago Lima Bean Love

I miss the dinosaur shirt

Hey Everybody,

We've only got 2 more months till Christmas.

Hell, let's Celebrate!

We've never had much money (me and the hubs or me and my whole family) but we LOVE Christmas.  I just clamor over any excuse to give someone a gift.  

Speaking of gifts.  These are some of the gems I found over the weekend.

The perfect Autumn dress

I really love the little details
I'll admit, I've never worn a bow tie
I have a wallet, but I also needed this one
New Wallet and Manhattan
I found this old Liz Claiborne and it's a great color and slouchy which I love
I'm kind of surprised how much I love wearing this blazer
I know I'm only showing bits of these pieces, but I don't want to ruin their newness and surprise before I actually have them on.  

Now, this dress is my favorite.  I feel like old Hollywood or something equally dramatic in it.
It's creamy, it's knit and it's a bit snug--all things that I basically love

Buttons and Southwestern Sheets (be jealous)

Of California=what you will be able to say about me in a bit more than 2 months (eek)

And this is just a few of the things I picked up.  They were so amazingly cheap, I think the most expensive thing was a 5 dollar dress.  

This is another piece I got Saturday and wore on Sunday to church (don't you think it, I washed it).  Sunday is my favorite day.  I actually get to wear something I love and I get to go church with people I love and worship the God I love.  Really, best day ever.  ALSO, SUNDAY AFTERNOON NAPS.

I got a lot of referee jokes

This dress was made for me

I'll leave you with this bit of kindness.  I told my boss on Thursday that I liked her purse.  She responded to me that it was actually a tote (which is only really funny if you know her so I apologize).  On Friday morning I walk in and it was on my desk.  What a lovely lady she is.

I love people being nice.  It gives me hope for the world... then I hear another referree joke... or anything about politics.

Go be nice everybody.


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  1. That is an amazing joke. It is the prefect fit on you! Referee didn't even come to my mind, but then, I am obsessed with stripes and not at all into sports.