Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gordon the Jackass

Hello everyone,

It's S A T U R D A Y!!!  It's really almost Sunday, but hell, I love that day too so no sadness or tears here.

Today was fantastic with it's touches of my crazy outbursts that are almost always towards the genetically defected Gordon.

Meet Gordon

I'll admit that he's a good looking dog but boys and girls DO NOT BE FOOLED.  Gordon is a crazy lunatic of a dog.  It's a crushing blow to the husb and I because we both love dogs.  Brad has had plenty of dogs before and have trained them to excellence.  Gordon insists on just being insane.  I kind of admire his tenacity in that area but don't tell him.

Gordon is a very tense, neurotic dog.  Anything can set him off from his gurgling water bowl, to tissues, to wallets.  Sometimes he's great and funny and calm, but whenever anyone that I want to impress or have them think that I have any capabilities at all comes over he acts like a freaking lunatic.  He barks and growls at passerby's (even though he really just wants to play with them) and lunges at you like he's going to bite your face off.  He's probably the most selfish being I've ever met and I worked at a climbing gym for a long time.  

I just don't get it.  I'm pissed off about it.  He also sheds like a banshee.  If I loved him I would clean it off with some sense that it's worth it but geez it is not worth it.  There's no companionship, no feeling of love from him.  It's pretty much just a take relationship with him.  

Have I mentioned that we live at a camp?  A camp full of gentle retirees and playful kids?  This is the worst dog to have in this scenario. These guys just want to come and meet the dog on that leash over there and then they find out that my dog is a bastard.  I feel like making banana bread for an apology to everyone, but the number's way too big by the end of the day.

If you walk by our cabin I really apologize for him.  I swear we tried our hardest.  It's been fruitless toils and I hate him.  You can have him though if you want.  I mean I would pay you to take him.  I'd let you punch me in the face.  twice.  to take him.

Ok Ok Ok Ok

Enough about the dog

Let me tell you about my child like behavior when it comes to video games.  

I know this is a huge switch in topics but it's in my head because I'm a horrible human being when I play any game at all.  

This video gaming has only been happening since the move to our new place (to kind of make up for some of it's miserable components--have I told you how many country geese I have on my wall? Not to mention the Master of Light, Thomas Kincaid, relics) so we have a Wii now and some other games and such.  I'll admit it, I'm bred to be competitive... I'm also a twin and you get that if you're a twin as well.  I simply hate to do bad at things or not win.  It's why I have basically sworn off all games (I also despise Apples to Apples so DO NOT ask me to play that monstrosity disguised as a friendly game).  

I'm such a horrible person when anything competitive happens.
I'll get better though.  I swear.  I'll get more better than anyone has ever gotten better at anything.

Today though (being Saturday) had some free time that B and I figured we could play some games during.  Which we did.  I was a sore loser for about one whole hour today.  Eff you Mario Cart. 

I hope I make up my stupid parts to Brad with good parts.  I swear he's a saint and I'm a smidgen better than a wailing 6 year old at times.  

After the fiasco of my finagling my way into last place in every game we played Brad brought me into town to raise my spirits.  Now, I live in a campground with gravel/mud roads and it feels like it's actually a town that hasn't been touched by technology since 1950, but we are also on the outskirts of a touristy mountain town.  The tourists are sadly Texans but I'm not going to get into that in this already novel like blog post.

This town is actually pretty gorgeous.  This is a kind of sad photo but I took this today on the way in.

We've got Mountains and dark, cool pines for as far as you can see.  Really, really gorgeous.  The drive consists of a curvy, hill-laden road and it smells like Christmas 365 days out of the year.  In town you'll find cafes, ice cream/candy shops and all types of souvenir shops.  Sometimes I hate it, but most of the time it's nice.

Today was definitely one of those days.  People come from hot Texas and you can just see the happiness in their faces.  Whenever I get depressed about the lack of fellowship here I think about how so many people look forward to coming where I am for their vacation and escape from the world.

We went thrifting at the Behr Barn, but didn't pick anything up (it's hard to walk out of a place like that without some finds but our current just moved about to move situation makes me not want to get anything at the moment).  It's a converted bowling alley and it smells like mothballs and dust (I love that).  You can find anything from old shoes (always in a size 6--which makes me hate tiny, petite girls even more), to furniture, to weapons.  Now most of it has a Southwestern vibe which I'm getting more used to but still have qualms about, but some times you strike gold there (get it--strike??? bowling alley??? Yep).  It's soothing to just walk around junk/antique places and forget about your life and just let the story of the things around you fill you up.

The Behr Barn

All around I must say today was a great success.

Oh, and  I also met this guy today


These animals are so great.  This one was injured but I think it will be fine.  They look and move in a way that makes me real happy. And I love to be happy.  And I hope you're happy and not dreading the week too much (it's a coming)

Love and Well Wishes from The Land of Enchantment (that's New Mexico you betya)


  1. I know Gordon is a huge ass, but I can't help but feel bad for the guy. I hope someone will take him and love him, even if he is crazy. ;-)

  2. Okay, when I commented before, I was so distracted by your lovely style that I didn't even read what you wrote! But I went back and read some more, and I think you have a great sense of humor. I can also relate to the jerky pet thing; a few months ago, Dave and I had to bring our cat to the shelter. It was hard because he was such a cute baby, but he was peeing on EVERYTHING and NOTHING was making him stop, plus he cried all the time! He destroyed some heirloom pieces that were very dear to me. Neither of us miss him. So don't feel bad about not feeling bad about Gordon; you're not alone! <3

    Anyway, I'm just about to follow you. Nice to meet you!