Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cabin Life

I live in New Mexico

Not desert New Mexico::: please don't confuse

I live in the mountains of New Mexico, in a cabin, on a camp.  This all translates to a very quiet, slightly quaint life.  During the summer the whole place is overrun with kids (which is fantastic--really) but during the retreat season it is unbelievably empty.

We are surrounded by pine trees and it's maybe one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  It's rains an hour or so every afternoon (I know I'm blowing your mind with all these things you thought didn't happen in New Mexico) and afterwards the sky has this sunny, yellow hue and it makes everything look like a vintage polaroid.

I'm doing this whole blog thing basically for my sister but I'll be honest and say that I've been thinking about diving in for a while.  She lives in St. Louis (the Mississippi is in my blood) and she's gorgeous and fashionable and brilliant.  So I started this blog basically to be able to comment on hers.  We've always loved clothes and maybe we always tried to dress differently because we're twins and you get complexes from being a twin.  I don't know.  Just a thought.  My goal for this is to share my style, thoughts, creations and stories with more people then just my husband (the best person ever) and my dog (the worst dog ever).

I hope that since I have this blog that maybe I'll try to be more creative in all aspects of my life.

And this will be one of my ways to share it with some people who don't happen to share my New Mexican camp life.

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  1. So your calling dressing like an orphan fashion???? I know I dress preppy but come on.... You a fashionista?..... j/k :-b