Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November is the Birthday Month

Growing up we had birthday months.

I think this was an invention of my oldest sister

Everyone should have a birthday month.

I received this little piece of bliss a few days ago

It's a lens that is made especially for dim light conditions.  It also has crazy good focusing.

I love it.  I've messed around with it just for a bit.

Here are some of the first shots.

As you can see I'm a knittin'.  Still pretty horrible about it, but I'm doing it.  

((((you're doing it Peter))))

I was knitting while the hubs was working at a Fall Festival/Halloween Fair.

***Did you hear about the cat who ate the ball of yarn?***

**she had mittens ((welcome to my joke world))**

These were some of the guys we brought with us

There's Brandy in the upper left and Burns on the bottom


Life's a dream some time.

How is Fall treating everyone?

I wish I could wear these colors all year round.

Go November!

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  1. I totally want to learn how to knit as well, I love doing little things to keep busy while watching TV or movies, so knitting would be perfect. SO relaxing :D and the lense looks awesome!