Friday, November 5, 2010

Staying Glued Together

Let's let this crisp air to get in our bones.

I think God knows exactly what you need to keep going.  In my case it's blue skies, crisp air and that pine smell that can only really be felt in the mountains.

Good music.  Good books.  Good family.  Good friends.

such a lucky girl.

I started knitting a week ago.  I love it.  It's a mess.  Truly a mess.  I've always made things, random things.  I think we've all got a love for creating beautiful things within us.

I keep finding such creative people.  They just ooze all this good stuff out of themselves.  It's infectious.

I am now in a constant search of things that I could create some day (far away) with my own two hands (and a very limited budget).

^^These are all from Sadie & Oliver^^

^^These gems are all handmade by Karen and Kristen at Fink^^

^^Everything by Call Me Mimi^^

Ok, so the dresses are way out of my league, but I couldn't not show how great those are.  People made them.  I'm a person.  You're a person.  I just want to make things all day.

I am going to stop rambling.

I found this Autumn dress a few weeks ago (on treasure day).  I wore it on Sunday, but didn't get any pictures of it.  So, I wore it again yesterday (so what).  I feel like a forest nymph (not in a weird way) when I wear it.

I now want some pumpkin pie and ginger cookies. 

The hubs came home with tons of candy for me a few nights ago.  He knows me so well. 

Whether you create by putting words together, or outfits or if you are like me and dabble in way too many things I hope that this weekend is perfect.  

Go get inspired.  

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