Friday, November 12, 2010

Surprises are the best because you aren't expecting them

Yesterday was the husband's birthday.  He's 26, as I will be in a matter of weeks.


Me being the great wife I am, I planned a secret trip to Santa Fe (I planned this trip the day before--I plan things way in advance).  Wednesday night (the day I planned the trip and the night before we left) I had to work in the office to make up for the days that I would be missing.  On a side note, my bosses are super great.  They not only let the hubs and I have two days off with no notice at all, but they were so excited for us.  At the office I had time to get some ideas of things to do in Santa Fe (I always like to have some sort of plan in my head to make sure our time is full of stuff we love).

When I got home I did my best to hint at the hubs that I had no plans at all (I'm so coy).  Inside I was dying,  when I get excited it's hard for me not to spill it.  I made it through the night and we both went to bed (one of us was excited because it was his birthday the next day and one of us was excited because of my genius).

Now, I usually leave for work around 8 (it's so convenient to live a minute and a half away from work).  I wanted B to think that it was just a normal day, but I couldn't sleep so I woke him up and basically yelled that neither one of us was going to work for the next two days.  It was joyous.

I won't bore you with the details of the trip but it was a great day with my favorite person ever.

Never mind that last sentence because I am going to tell you some things about the trip.

I made reservations at this little, boutique hotel right off the historic Santa Fe plaza, the Luxx Hotel.  It turned out to be a gorgeous, really homey space that I would definitely go to again, but here is the kicker.  We went around 5 to check in and we couldn't get into the place.  It had three entrances but they all had number pads and I had never been given a code at all.  There wasn't a buzzer or anything little thing to give us a clue to get inside.

Does this seem weird to anyone else?  How do these guys not think that this little hiccup isn't a pretty big deal?

Anyways, B and I don't have cell phones (I know, it's kind of odd but we like it that way).  So we had to find a pay phone which, everyone, let me tell you those effing things are hard to find.  The first two didn't work and  the third one was monopolized by a German fellow that talked for 20 minutes.  When I got a hold of the hotel they didn't think it was weird at all that we couldn't get in.  Honestly, I'm not too upset about it because it was kind of a funny adventure.

We finally made it in and this hotel doesn't really have a lobby just kind of a loungy hang out room and it also has a communal kitchen which I really loved.  I felt like the whole place was like a huge house (it wasn't like a corporate hotel at all) and we were just in town for the night and they had invited us over or something.  We stayed in the Sanctuary Suite (it says that there is a hot tub and a kitchenette but those were all communal and not actually in our rooms) it was unlike any hotel room I'd been in before.  My camera died after the first 5 or so pictures (I maybe forgot to bring the charger--or charge the batteries that I have before we went) but I got some pictures of our room.

Sorry, no outfit pictures.  My head loves this hat though!  Excitement

Overall, I'm glad I chose it, but what in the hell Luxx people?  Why do you make it so hard to get inside?

I love birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween. Shit, every single day that I could possibly get excited about, I do-because why not?  The days that I get to be with family and give people things and tell them how much I love them (without being too weird) are my favorites.

So, of course, my husband's birthday basically tops the list.  Seriously, he's the best ever and I don't care who knows it.

I hope you all are ready for a kick ass weekend.  It's fall so get out and smell some foliage.

--weeds and whimsy--

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  1. What a fantastic birthday trip! The hotel looks lovely. I'm digging the color of the walls.
    I too get very excited about holidays, at least the major ones. However, I married a grinch and he is so anti Christmas it makes me sad. Mostly he hates all the hoopla and consumerism, which annoys me too, but how can he hate Christmas music crooned by Nat King Cole and a cup of hot chocolate while snuggling with me on the couch? He can be quite infuriating. I will break him yet.