Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goo Goo G'joob

The title of this post is dedicated to the Beatles being on iTunes.  

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray

My hubs has been trying to find their music on vinyl, but now we can finally have them.  The adventure for vinyl won't stop though.  Don't worry.


My etsy shop is now open.  I have started small, but it will get bigger and better and more everything good.

I have way more to put on.  When I do, be on the lookout for a giveaway ;)


It is getting super cold here.  When I was in Illinois (long before I met my husband, or anyone from here) I thought New Mexico was a desert like state with hardly any inhabitants.  To the contrary, lots of the state is gorgeous and mountainous.  The other parts are more scrub like than desert.  Anyway, being up 7000 feet in any state means super cold temperatures.  The cabin we're at (only for around 20 more days) is the epitome of a mountain cabin, along with the lack of actual heat.  Needless to say, it is quite cold inside and out now.

Don't pity me too much (I'll take a little) because it's the holiday season, we're moving to sunny CA after the New Year and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (or something).

Last week was full of happy things: food, friends, family and my birthday.  Honestly, it's always hard to be away from the twin on our day of birth.  This year we had lunch with B's parents and afterwards I suggested we just head home, but my wonderful husband decided that we would check out all of our local thrift stores.  It ended up to be a great, lovely, thrifting fantastic day.  

The sun was also lovingly bright.

This belt is lovely and bold, but it tends to slip up a bit.  B isn't the best at spotting little details like that to fix.  He's still great for just taking the picture in the first place.

I'm 26 and 26 starts with a 2

And ends with a 6.  I'm not a huge fan of the look of these tights, but they are lined with micro-fleece, which is amazing on blustery, cold days

The Fire Lady

Thrift stores can't heal everything, but it helps on days when everything is going quite your way.  They are magical places in many ways.

Tomorrow is December (one hour away here in Mountain time).  I love that and I hate it.  My family continues to grow and each year we have more and more to buy for.  I really love giving things to people I love.  It's a delicious feeling.

I hope everyone is bundled up and smiling.  
Let's hear it for the best December ever.


  1. So lovely pictures !

  2. I love your striped blouse!
    Man, just hearing about Christmas presents makes me feel bleck. I do not have a lot of spare change right now, so basically the only person I get anything for is my little brother. Christmas presents are still important when you are 15. My problem is I don't like getting things for people who don't need anything. And people don't want things they need for Christmas. Except me, of course, I am crossing my fingers for socks!

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  4. yay for november bdays!!! : )

    i know its cold where you are, but im still jealous! what i wouldnt do to live near mountains. where in CA are you guys moving? how exciting! will you miss red and green sauce?

    i had to re-comment b/c i just visited your SHOP! woo-hooo! :D i wish you many sales!

  5. You look adorable as always, and your shop looks fantastic; you've got a great eye. I'd love to see the dresses modeled on someone to bring them alive!

  6. Chels, I promise you that if we were exchanging gifts I would grant your sock wish. What an easy buy.

    Archives, the husband and I are moving to San Diego in the first of January (I'm beaming as I write this). I will miss green chile pork (which I'm eating tonight--be jealous!!). I'm so glad you like the shop--it will just get better, promise.

    Alicia, you and I both want to see those dresses on me in pictures. They are so much better represented when they're on someone (apologies for the dreadful beginning of that sentence). Alas, it has been so frigid here that I haven't gotten the courage to do so. Soon I will do that for all my items.

  7. I love the striped blouse!gorgeous colours!
    check out my blog ;)

  8. the etsy shop looks great! :)
    I will definitely feature your sweet little shop in a post sometime!