Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tiptoe through our shiny city

**This is an artist's work from the Owl Barn Calender I told you about a few posts ago**

2010 is about to go out the door

It’s hard to believe that it’s December.  I’ve been looking forward to this month for over 2 years now.  In 17 days we will be traveling to Illinois for Christmas and then the hubs and I will be coming back here to New Mexico, packing the moving truck and going to San Diego.  

Really, my heart is about to burst with excitement

A lot of me completely loves where we are, but I'm kind of suffocating at the same time.

For the past few months we’ve been living mainly out of boxes so we don’t have too much packing to do, but there is so much other things that we have to get done.

The things that top the list is
1. Find a place to live that is cheap and hopefully close to some beach
2. Find a job that I don’t hate that pays reasonably

Any help on either number would be much appreciated

I’ve been applying to multiple jobs every day (yesterday I was talking to a retreat leader and instead of telling him I would give him the receipt I used the word resume) and it’s hard not to get frustrated with the whole situation.  

I promise you that I’m a gem of an employee ( yes indeed ) but I also don’t think that I can express it through a paper document.

Oh well, things work out.

To another subject

I have actually made sales this week in my etsy store

When I started last week I was trying to fortify myself to wait for weeks (((months))) for the first one.  I just have to say thanks to all my friends who are supporting me on this venture.  I just got back from visiting an old friend in town with a few pieces and she ended up buying my navy, sailor dress.  Sharing these loves I've find with other loves in my life have made me really happy.

Brad actually told me yesterday that I would have to go get more things to put in the store.  Craziness.

To yet another subject

We’ve decided to buy as many secondhand, vintage and handmade Christmas gifts as possible.

It’s kind of been kicking my ass

I love supporting friends on Etsy, but my 20 dollar budget per person tends to come up short.  I also have no idea what to get the men on my list. 

Any suggestions???

Overall though I’m so glad that we’re doing it.  When we get settled in to San Diego I plan on putting a lot more types of things in my store and make myself be crafty crafty crafty.

My heart is so ready for this to happen ssssoooooonnnnnnnn

*Twin Time*
Which one is me?

nephew time

Niece time (I've got 4!)

Sad news in the Animal Room front

R.I.P. Granny and Pa (our mediocre ring neck doves)

I'm sorry this guy and his friend Brandi Alexander (the other ferret) 
got out and literally ripped your necks open.


Well Dearies,
Happy December

who knew it came after Novermber?


  1. happy december to you too! :)
    illinois will welcome you back with open arms.
    and i am quite jealous about your upcoming move to sunny CA! are on the left. obvs.

  2. frick--did the ferrets really kill the doves?? i can't imagine the carnage. so sad/more sick. can't wait to start sending you pictures of places. send me addresses!