Saturday, December 11, 2010

They Used to Own the World

Opal and LaMoyne Peters are in their 90s.

They are gorgeous, full of love and history and brimming with laughter.

I went over to their house two nights ago.

The house they have lived in and loved for 70 years.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the curtains, couches, tables, clocks...

I listened and listened to the history that they lived.  It was glorious.

Opal also gave me a treasure of vintage clothes.

My heart will be happy from this night for months, years...forever?

I am going to do a post soon showing the clothes and hopefully sharing how great they are.

I mean, these guys are the best.

They are still ranching and they are 90.  90!!

Meet Opal and LaMoyne
Opal and LaMoyne.  Married for 70 years.


  1. oh dear. how adorable are they?!

  2. Oh my goodness..SO cute. I love this picture!! And I absolutely love your blog. I feel so inspired. I love your heart for what you do and your love for God. You're a true inspiration!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the month!! Merry Christmas love. x

  3. adorable. I love the name Opal

  4. this is precious! my grandparents have been married for going on 52 yrs! i pray that they make it to 70!