Saturday, November 20, 2010

Romance and Happy Days

Happy Almost Thanksgiving everyone!!

AANNDDDD it's almost my birthday (Friday!!)

There are some downers about working for a Christian, non-profit (low pay being the main one), but we get a whole paid week off for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had no idea about it until a few days ago.  Imagine my glee when hearing that I had 3 more days before a 9 day break.

Pure Glee.

Don't be too jealous my sweets ;)

I have had my wedding pictures back for weeks.  Sorry I haven't posted them quicker.

Here are my favorites (I loved tons of them).  I hope you all enjoy them.

I'm making the cranberry sauce for the family gathering this Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving eating everyone!!


  1. oh my look stunning!!!! beautiful dress, beautiful locations. i hope your big day was amazing! :)

  2. You look so beautiful, Ash. It is surreal (I just typed 'is' three times, does that tell you how much your beauty has warped my mind?)

    Congratulations to you & your marriage, & your DAYS OFF & your Birthday!

    Happy early birthday, my friend.

    And seriously- enjoy all those days for someone who can't {ahem}.


  3. These are so gorgeous! The ones next to the blue wall are lovely. And your flowers are so pretty! Congratulations!

  4. those are lovely shots. I love your dress, your choice of flowers, and all the pretty outdoor places you did photos!