Monday, November 8, 2010

The Best Sunflower Yet


It's already dark and I hate it.

Why do we do this to ourselves every year?

Spring is coming soon right? (hush)

I'm trying to cheer us all up by these bright pictures.

On Sunday when we went out taking pictures (of me and my white duds) we accidentally forget the dress I was originally wearing at the first site (we just drove off without it ((ridiculous))).  I had one other dress with me and we stopped at a Goodwill and my zipper broke on my other dress.  So, I had to pick another dress out at the Goodwill or wear my wedding dress for the entire day.  Don't worry though, the dress was there when we swung back around.  Anyway, I found this little burlap sackish type dress which sounds horrid, but I really love it.

It's different and Southwestern and rugged??? that may sound stupid.  Oh, it also has pockets which brings up my love for a piece of clothing exponentially. 

Friends, I'm just pissed about this night time crap.
How can I be functional when it's dark by the time I get off of work at 4:30pm.

They just want us to watch more tv and be sluggish.

Does it mean that I'm not a strong person when I'm so sad on day one of this early set in darkness?


It just makes me want to listen to folk music all night.

Here's to finding ways to keep sane through the winter.


P.S. I'm knitting like a dream


  1. This is an amazing dress! I really love it and I think you look phenomenal in it. I love the southwest vibe in it.
    I don't understand the daylight savings thing. I thought it was supposed to give us more sunlight in the afternoon? Originally it was supposed to help farmers, or something, but I guess people didn't realize that plants have no sense of time.

  2. you are so tall and gorgeous! I adore that dress, understated, classy and cool. Thanks for your sweet comment! We have 4 cats, and one of our cats would not be missed if we'd get rid of him but the other 3 are sweethearts. The 4th one is sort of an asshat.

  3. that dress is SO CUTE! i'm so happy to find a blogger in new mexico - one of my favorite states! :)