Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Wednesday for Health

I am a lover of carbs.



So delicious

What do you go to when you want a delicious, fantastic meal?

Carbohydrates... every time...  at least most times.

I'm trying to cut out a whole lot of that from my diet.

It's going ok, but I'm not really a strict rules type of person.  So I decided to allow myself pasta and bread sometimes, but to really think about it and stay away from it most days.

One day last week the hubs and I wanted to have a nice dinner so I picked up some fresh pasta from Trader Joe's (I had never really been in one).

I had also never had fresh pasta.  I am in love with it.  It was fast and easy, cheap (especially when you compare it to getting pasta at a restaurant), and it tasted so good.

In the evening the light comes into the kitchen beautifully

I don't really think that my eating habits will ever be unbelievably healthy, but I'm trying.  I get fresh produce whenever I can afford it (I hate the fact that the cheap foods are the worst for you--it's not surprising that our country is getting more and more unhealthy).  I am also trying to teach myself some self control.  I'm a bad person when it comes to trying to cut back.

I'm just going to take it meal by meal.

Happy Wednesday


  1. Mmm I loove pasta! And hey maybe you don't need to cut back on bread and pasta but just chooce different ones. Like rye pasta and bread. Way good (:

  2. That's very true. There are so many healthy options that I just don't know about. I am definitely open for any advice or suggestions.

  3. I hate the whole no carb thing. The biggest section of the food pyramid is whole grains, but for some reason society seems to be under the impression that it is meat. Pasta is REALLY easy to make yourself. Flour and whole grains are not that expensive, especially when purchased in bulk. And you live in California, where produce grows year round! Fresh lettuce and spinach and other fruits and veggies are really inexpensive. I cook with only fresh produce and it is SSSOOOOO cheap. I don't know where you are buying your produce, but you need to shop around.