Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Days

I remember April as a time of wiggling in my school seat thinking of summer when I was little.

It still has a LET'S GET UP AND DO SOMETHING feel about it.

April begs to be enjoyed with it's warmer temperatures and the sounds and sights of Spring arriving.

It's refreshing.

The hubs and I just got internet set up at our apartment so it's been kind of difficult to pull ourselves away from catching up on our favorite shows (30 Rock and 30 Rock and more 30 Rock)

I am also enjoying rediscovering the blogworld.

Jillian from Three for the Road is a favorite (in the real world as well)

Her whole family is ridiculously adorable

she is having an unbelievable giveaway

INCLUDING CANDY (it's just a minor part but also the best part)

It's a Birthday Party Giveaway

You have to check it out.

Who doesn't love to celebrate?

I will celebrate almost anything.

I will and I do

Birthday months and all.

Did I mention the candy?

Needless to say... I'm winning

(that's not a Charlie Sheen reference)

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