Monday, January 24, 2011

Ok, San Diego Parking. You won.

Both the hubs and I have gotten tickets for parking places where the street sweeper needs to be.
Damn you every other Monday.

This blow is particularly low because I am still currently unemployed and my general cautiousness is making me nervous nervous nervous.


Ladies and gents I have finally gotten the Opal Collection (and some other pieces) up in my shop.

What is the Opal Collection you ask?

Well, let me share with you a story.

Opal and LaMoyne Peters (their picture is below in a previous post) are a couple of 90 going on 70 plus years of marriage who are still blissfully and completely in love.  They have lived in the same house for their entire marriage (still sleeping on the bed they bought the day they were married).

I met Opal through church.  This sweet, tiny lady with a flare for fashion.  I finally confessed my love for her true vintage clothing (to which she just laughed as if I was being ridiculous) and asked if I could come and hear some stories and possibly pick up a few pieces that she no longer wears.

A few nights later I was ushered into the loveliest, vintage Western house I had ever seen.

I think that Opal and LaMoyne's generation was taught that history was important.  It was to be savored, remembered and shared.  These two drip history, telling story after story and showing album after album of the past.  

They met when they were 4 and lived in the same area and of course came together under the sweetest conditions.  They had been together for a while and one day LaMoyne walks up to Opal and says "let's go get married today" and they did.  

When I asked Opal about her style she commented, "We are Western people and we wear Western clothes".  She wears Western clothes, but so much more. 

I have put up the items I have received under the Opal Collection in my store and would love it if you had a chance to peruse them.  Many of these items I saw on Opal in pictures from the 40's in one of her many albums.  

I also want to give all of my friends a chance to get them at a discount.  So if you enter INTHEWEEDS you will save 25% on all of your purchases.

I will do some posts that feature actual pieces, but I hope you love them.

It's Monday.  I have gotten one parking ticket,  I am on the job hunt and drinking an apricot soda.  If any of you have connections in San Diego, please share :)

Happy Monday.

Check out the Opal Collection
-weeds and whimsy-

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  1. That. Is so. COOL.
    You have a little old lady friend! It is just so cute and quaint. I've got the quirky, myself. Our upstairs neighbor is known as cheesecake man as he works at a cheesecake factory and will spontaneously surprise us with cheesecakes.
    I love your shop. Especially the take me to the circus dress. If only my waist were that tiny I would buy it in a second!