Monday, August 22, 2011

My love, don't forget the flowers

Being crafty is a favorite of mine, but one that gets typically pushed to the side.

This girl is busy.  I can't make you that garden gnome bowling set I've been wanting to and I'm sorry.

See said gnomes here:

So fun, right?  Yes.  And I want to make that for you.  I want to make it for freaking everyone, but I can't for so many reasons!!!

(maybe this is a bit dramatic)

Why do crafts have to cost money?
Why can't I have 30 hours a day?
How come I can't thread my sewing machine without my husband or a youtube video?

My work space is achingly boring and I've been trying to think of ideas to make it seem more like my space.  I've had the idea of doing a tiny pennant to string around my computer/inbox/whatever on my desk and I finally started it.

Now that I craft/take pictures/thrift shop/blog so rarely each time is super special and fun to me.

Don't forget the Flowers
I picked out some fabric from the small bundles they have for cheap at Wal-Mart

I originally took this picture without the beer, but then my husband placed it back in view.  I like it better this way.

I traced the circles with a soup can, which made it super easy to get them the same.  Also, I always have soup on hand so it was easy to grab... but I later tried this soup and was sorely disappointed.  I mean, this girl loves gumbo... so I was rreeeaaaalllllllllllll disappointed.

I'll trace anything. Your face, you say?  SURE

The beginning process was super chill and easy.  Whenever the hubs and I were watching TV (we're going through Mad Men again--in love).

I feel like I should have been born in the 30's.  Be a working girl in the 50s and 60s.  I'd be even more sassy. I'm constantly watching old movies and listening to my Billie Holiday Pandora station.  I love finding places in town that have that vintage feel and I'm constantly trying to convert our apartment to a chic, 1960's Mad Men set.

If I was able to start over on this project I would cut on squares and then double it up, sew the semi-circle and cut around it.  Check out these instructions:

I obviously didn't go by any directions and wasn't able to use my sewing machine.  I tried, but the folded circles were too small to lead through the machine so it kept on getting caught and tearing the fabric.  So I'm hand sewing each which actually hasn't been too bad.

I still have  A LOT more circles to add, but I'm real happy with the finished product.  I'll put pictures up of it at my office too.

It's been a delightfully busy, crafty, warm and lovely week.

Hopefully this spurt of creativity will continue.  

Next project maybe?

I would love to hear what you creative geniuses are doing.  Give me some inspiration!!


From the Pacific Ocean


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